Human Rights Begins At Home by Shtuey

independencehallphiladelphia1776jpgIf the human rights struggle is universal then it stands to reason that one advances the cause by fighting for the protection of their own rights first and foremost.  We must be our own advocates, and stand on the solid foundation of our own liberties if we are to be advocates for others.  As the saying goes, “Think globally, act locally.”

Just as the American revolution inspired the people of France to rise up against an oppressive aristocracy, Americans must once again stand up against the oligarchical autocrats that have assumed control of our federal government.  We should not be subjected to tax muggings without our consent.  Our right to habeas corpus should not be suspended without our consent.  The tapping of our phones without warrants is a direct violation of our Constitutional Rights.  The sovereignty of our states should not be encroached upon by the federal government, particularly by extortion and blackmail, which the stimulus and omnibus bills do.

Your rights to privacy, your rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are under assault by the White House and the Congress.  We must defend and protect those rights if we are to continue to do the work of fighting for the upholding of human rights for all.  If we do not, who then will hear our voice?  As Rabbi Hillel asked more than 2000 years ago, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me?  But if I am only for myself, what am I?  If not now, when?”

So what does this entail?  It is insufficient to simply stand up to the President and Congress.  We must advance the equality of all our citizens, be they women, gay, of color, or minority culture, or religion.  It must also be remembered that your liberty ends where mine begins.  The advancing of the rights of some cannot impinge the free exercise of the rights of others.

It is a simple formula.  No one is free while others are not.  If you are only for yourself what are you?

Our liberties, our human rights are on the line.  The tavern is open, what do you bring to the table?



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26 responses to “Human Rights Begins At Home by Shtuey

  1. Cinie

    Shtuey, thanks for the opportunity to advance the cause of humanity. That’s what it all boils down to, in my book; humanity. I use a dictionary program called Word Web, and their definition of “humanity is:
    1. The quality of being humane
    2. The quality of being human
    3. All of the living human inhabitants of the earth

    My feelings about the “quality of being human” were explored in a post I wrote Jan. 5, about the fate of Betty Jean Kling and her daughters. While it is not exactly on point about our current political situation, it does give a hint of who I am, and what I “bring to the table.”

  2. Cinie, we’re so lucky to have you here. Standing up for what’s right is always on point in my book.

  3. Normita

    We must never forget our rights, we are our own best advocate! More than ever, we need to show and stand up that WE ARE THE PEOPLE.

  4. Welcome Normita. You are absolutely right. Contrary to popular belief, our nation’s founders did not push for independence to create a new oligarchy. I believe they truly wanted this republic to stand for the protection of our individual and collective rights. They warned us again and again what would happen if we were not vigilant, and did not educate ourselves as to the content of the character of our leaders, and the machinations of the republic. We only need to turn on the news or read the paper to see that they were right.

    We only have ourselves to blame. Americans failed to hold up their end of the bargain by becoming complacent. The imperial presidency, and our corrupt and unresponsive Congress are in their current state because we allowed it to happen.

  5. Schtuey,

    I have been speaking my mind and pointing out to people for months, that with each added blow we allow to our Constitution without protest, we are aiding and abetting those who want nothing more than to destroy it completely and replace it with their idea of a better government. Their idea being a government by the few to dominate the many. In other words Oligarchy.

    When I try to point out where some of these decisions made by the powers that be are leading us, I have been called Pollyanna, Tin-Foil Hat, Nut, Stupid, delusional, etc., I think this is why more people haven’t spoken out. It isn’t so much complacency as it is fear of being labeled a kook.

    Label me what you will. My ancestors fought to make this a nation with the freedom to speak your mind and as long as there is breath in my body I will do just that. Wrong is wrong, and we are being wronged every day. For those who rebut me by saying the Constitution is just a piece of paper, I say – But for that piece of paper you wouldn’t be able to make any decisions about your life whatsoever. And if they succeed in destroying that “piece of paper” we are lost.

    So, everybody, please speak out. Don’t let injustice to anyone go unpunished. You may be next.

  6. Lee M, speaking out is what this blog is all about. We can’t live in denial. Our liberties are being actively undone. It’s up to us to stop it. Finding solutions is part of what this blog is all about. So pass out the tinfoil!

  7. celestialdragonfly

    personally I think that we should go back to the basics. Take away all that’s been added, put back that which has been taken away and do things on the sound principles that this country was founded on. It’s about people learning to govern themselves once again.
    I gave a talk not to long ago to some youth. It was about Diamonds, and how today bigger is better. The problem with this is that they’ve strayed from the perfect cut in order to do this. So while diamonds look bigger they don’t reflect as much light thus not as much sparkle either. So while you have a big stone it’s not as brilliant or as beautiful as it could be. Much the same as with our government…….it’s definitly BIG but not as valueable or worth as much today as it once was.
    It’s true when they say one bad apple can spoil a whole bushel…every law that is or has become is a result of someone’s bad choice, and the need to protect others from that bad apple. Values have changed in America and while it may be the home of the proud, brave and free, for some of us…to others it’s just a playground for self indulgence and destruction. The intent of certain individuals is not pure nor healthy for our Nation. You are correct when you say it’s our fault…yet there are plenty out there who don’t understand what freedom really means. They don’t realize that it’s their responsibility to work and provide for themselves, and that when they don’t they are giving their FREEDOM up. Funny how those individuals didn’t like slavery in the first place but in a sense are asking to be enslaved once more and in the process enslaving all Americans. The difference is the slave owners got a decent days work out of them. Now that sounds harsh, and by some maybe racist. I am not that, but the hypocasy and IGNORANCE!!! need to stop. As it is my children and their children have been sold into slavery by this government and I as a citizen resent it horribly.
    I teach my children that there are consequences for every choice they make, good ones when wise choices are made and bad ones when bad choices are made, yet those in the government right now make a mockery of that and keep proving me wrong.
    Values, Faith and Family need to be brought back into play also if there is going to be a lasting effect. We talk to our children about the issues facing this country and how their choices can affect others and what that means, whether it be bad or good….I just don’t think that there are as many out there doing that same thing. It’s all take and no give….kids are being taught so many things that are contrary to the health of this nation of coarse that is because of the breakdown of families.
    The corruption is almost complete and as they say bad to the bone….

  8. celestialdragonfly

    The title says it all. Humans Rights begins at Home.
    Home being the key word, and parents taking an active role in teaching their kids what that means and what happens when you let others take you freedom away from you. How your actions can affect others and what it means to be a RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN of this country who contributes and helps build up, not destroy and take away from.
    Sorry I’ve been so lengthy….

  9. celestialdragonfly; we have strayed from the vision of what this republic should be. Now is the time for Americans of all political persuasions; liberal, conservative, and everywhere in between, to come together and find the common ground to correct the ship of state. That is a big part of what this blog is going to be about.

    We’re not always going to agree. But it is in the compromises that protect the minority and majority that our liberties will be preserved. That means ending discrimination in all forms, be it racial, gender, religion, age, or sexual orientation.

    I have a hard time with the conservative movement saying it stands up for the Constitution, when that same movement is actively attempting to make sure gay marriage will be abolished. Equal application of the law is a fundamental principle our country was founded on. Defining marriage as being between a man and a woman is an imposition of religious doctrine which is a direct violation of the Constitution. We’re going to be dealing with this issue soon when we initiate a discussion on the Equal Protections Clause.

    It must be liberty for all, not for some or most if this country is going to stand for the protection of human freedom.

    Glad to have you here, and hope you’ll continue to join us.

  10. SFIndie

    “The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” – Ayn Rand

    “You can only protect your liberties in this world by protecting the other man’s freedom. You can only be free if I am free.” – Clarence S. Darrow

    If we don’t, as individuals and as a community, fight together to preserve the rights of every single human being, then we are in essence giving up our own rights.

    It’s time for a new revolution!

  11. celestialdragonfly

    I’m just wondering where your comment back to me came from? I mentioned nothing about “gay marriage”?

  12. celestial; I was just using gay marriage as an example of issues we have to look at in terms of personal freedom. One of the things I wrestle with is the fact that I support some areas of the conservative agenda. I believe in protecting the constitution, and personal responsibility, but I want to figure out how people can stand in support of the constitution but be against equal rights for gays.

    Part of what this blog is going to be about is finding common ground in order to preserve liberty for all. I think your comments expressed that quite well, and led me to think about the gay marriage issue.

  13. SFIndie; Well said! Hear hear!

  14. celestialdragonfly

    Thanks, I was just curious. That issue has weighed heavy on my heart and mind for a while. It’s one I’ve pondered and given much thought to. I’ve seen a lot of anger & division among people over it. So I happened to be sensitive to your response.

  15. The current government of the US is by no means what the founders had in mind. This nation was formed by a group of thoughtful, incisive, and determined individuals that wanted to provide a safe haven for those who just wanted “to be”. Now we are being ruled (and I use that term intentionally, with all the crassness it implies) by a small group of people (not truly individuals, IMHO that want to think for us, manipulate us, and make it financially impossible for us to fight back.

    The current situation has deep roots, and they extend back to Europe where our forefathers (and mothers) fled and fought to create a better system across the sea. You are correct that we have allowed this to happen by not paying due vigilance, but it is also true that those currently empowered have been laying their trap for decades or longer (perhaps since the very foundation of this country). The only way to break our bondage is the same way the founders did; thoughtful, incisive determination, and the courage to band together with those we may not always agree with, but can appreciate due to their love of this Republic and respect for the God-given Rights of all.

    Count me in.

  16. GG said, “The only way to break our bondage is the same way the founders did; thoughtful, incisive determination, and the courage to band together with those we may not always agree with, but can appreciate due to their love of this Republic and respect for the God-given Rights of all.”

    I couldn’t agree more! Glad to have you!

  17. Mirlo

    Haven’t we all been seduced to *have* more and *be* less for a very long time?

    There are so many things that bind us into a lifestyle of having more and more. If we depended less on the oligarchs manipulations and seductions, but instead relied more on our own values, thinking, reasoning, and especially our own decisions of what we want, need, get, we would be more free to even notice and stand up against thus being manipulated.

    So many of us have become painfully aware of the MSM manipulation, but this has been going on for a long time already. It is not a matter of conservative or liberal, it’s a matter of being manipulated.

    So, endeavours like this new blog can raise our awareness, a first step out of being manipulated. Acting as humans means thinking, learning and the persuit of happiness, which doesn’t lie in having more, but being more, more ethical, more humane, more tolerant and more free.

  18. Mirlo said, “Acting as humans means thinking, learning and the persuit of happiness, which doesn’t lie in having more, but being more, more ethical, more humane, more tolerant and more free.”


  19. Pat Johnson

    I would follow wherever Cinie leads me on the blogroll. And that goes for Shtuey too!

    Go for it, you guys! Your voices are pitch perfect!

  20. Pat, that means a lot coming from you. Thank you, and welcome!

  21. sisterdo

    If we’re starting a new party or something, oh what shall I wear? I think I’m gonna be, fiddle dee dee, a lipstick feminist. A maverick moderate, a mighty militant moderate.

    Put some fight back into our “Common Sense” to get all Tom Paine about it.

    My first incindiary post:

    Well, I’ve decided just right now that I’m going to start supporting the conservatives with my dollars for the moment: why?

    1) “Strategery”: to undue the expansion of government. Hopefully, supporting the small gov’t side for one cycle or two will right this ship a bit back to the middle. When you have an extremist in charge, you need to undo what he did. I’ll look to the conservative leaders who believe limiting the government’s Bush-Obama intrusion into every area of our life as necessary now that government has just been expanded to the greatest extent in history. Gov’t just got too damn big.

    2) One Party Rule MUST end–esp. this one that’s wrapped up the Fourth Estate. No civilization can withstand this totalitarian trifecta. We have suffocating One Party Rule, a Marxist agenda, and a PR firm’s propandistic stranglehold of the Group Think that gives this one party the control over all media in a way that only Pravda once had. I’m voting for the counter-balance to keep from becoming Communist China while China becomes more like us (that last bit’s inspired by Camille…but so many have been sadly feeling it lately).

    3) I do see some signs of progress over there. Michael Steele, Bobby Jindal (first high profile Asian American politician in history) and Sarah Palin. I see regress in the Dem platform which shoved every woman aside with the same vehemence at every turn and has now made race-baiting, woman-bashing, and anti-Israel stances a part of its own hideous bigotry.

    4) “One Person One Vote” is my biggest beef and I won’t go over how we lost it in the Dem Party in 2006 because it’ll infuriate me. It was a bedrock principle. We lost it in the Dem primaries and now Michael Steele, RNC head, has taken it on as part of the Republican agenda. Shocking but true. The GOPers are supporting “One Person: One Vote” which is a cornerstone of democracy recently discarded by Dems. And I support that GOP move at least. Give my rights, fighting for my voice to count equally to my neighbor’s is my right!

    So, I’m a recovering Democrat now Independent. A miltant moderate, if you will. A person who believes this is a great country that always needs improving and an optimist who does believe that the actions of the enlightened have improved it in the past in almost every way. I’m proud of America and I don’t appreciate Americans who aren’t — they’re speaking ill of my family. I don’t like the Marxist, sexist, anti-American, anti-capitalism, anti-individual, anti-Israel stance the DNC Kos Obama clueless communist collective has been taking.

    Current strategy : I’m giving my dollars temporarily and immediately…with URGENCY… to the GOP — just to use a party that’s becoming more inclusive to become some kind of counter-balance to America becoming one party totalitarian hell. And whatever ill one rightly speaks of Republicans, I’ve always loved their patriotism which is very real. They mean that.

    That’s my manifesto ….. in this Shtuey land of individual rights we all get one, right?

  22. Sisterdo,

    I appreciate (and respect) your sentiments, but I prefer to withhold financial support from all of the existing parties since they alternate in screwing We the People on a regular basis. I think it’s time to show all TPTB that we aren’t playing their game anymore.

    Your option is much better than supporting the current Idiots in Charge, but I fear it will just lead to more partisan crap down the road and we’ve been battered about by both parties for way too long. It’s time to stop playing by the rules that were created by TPTB and play by the rules created by the founders.

    Just my opinion – not better, just different.

  23. Shtuey

    I agree sisterdo, we need to end Democrat dominance in the government, or there is no check against the Imperial Presidency, which is one of the real crises we are facing (not these made Rham Emmanuel crises we keep hearing about). But I think Grail has the right idea that both these parties are corrupt and only lead to more poison.

    At Oh…My Valve I advocated a 50% solution, the idea being that if 50% of the American electorate is unaffiliated then we are in a position to make our demands heard. The parties won’t be able to count on their ranks to win. Of course ACORN getting billions throws a wrench into the works when they are registering the homeless, the dead, illegal aliens, and foreign nationals to vote, and the FEC doesn’t do a thing about it.

    Best option in my opinion is a forced resignation of the Congress and the President as a solution to the exercising of our right to a redress of grievances. We hold special elections and get rid of these career politicians.

    We have to break both parties by refusing to support them. Then throw the bums out.

  24. RalphB

    This is the best way forward. Anyone with a plan?

    Best option in my opinion is a forced resignation of the Congress and the President as a solution to the exercising of our right to a redress of grievances. We hold special elections and get rid of these career politicians.

    We have to break both parties by refusing to support them. Then throw the bums out.

  25. Ralph B; I suggest we begin by clarifying the notion of a redress of grievances. The problem is that we have a government at the moment that doesn’t listen. So first we have to figure out how we change that.

    How do we get the government to turn on its listening ears?

  26. They need to pass a law limiting the terms of congress. Career politicians become very corrupt and greedy. Sephen Pigeon has proposed a National Grand Jury which would be made up of one person and one alternate from each state to investigate any elected official starting with the president and replacing them if necessary. There is also going to be a Constitutional Convention of 2009 in Philla. this summer to make the requirements for president as provided in the constitution more specific so that this cannnot happen again in our country, a usurper being elected president. This country was formed for WE THE PEOPLE and we the people must take it back! We have been sleeping too long. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

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