For The Record

The City Tavern idea took shape around the notion that it would be a think tank; a place to exchange ideas; a place to work out solutions rather than be an echo chamber for a particular view. So that readers understand, there is no popular view here at City Tavern. This is neither a liberal or conservative forum. This is a place to mingle, think, and exchange ideas. There is no line to tow, no egos to stroke, no spin to be spun. There is no moving forward without the free expression of ideas and philosophies. Unless we are willing to listen, think, debate, and engage outside our echo chambers, nothing of substance is going to be accomplished.

For those of you who have come to share your thoughts, we thank you, and ask that you continue to do so. There is a time for silence and a time to speak (bigoted, hateful and ad hominem nonsense does not count). This is a place for speaking, not herd mentality. A herd can follow its leader over a cliff. The possibility of briefly feeling the sensation of flying is far outweighed by the reality of the rapidly approaching bottom. We will be striving to avoid herd induced cliff jumping as best we can, but we cannot do this without your voice, without your thoughts.

Where should we be headed? What should our priorities be? How do we move forward? This is a country that put people on the moon in a spaceship with gold foil walls. We are nothing else if not problem solvers. We have ideas, so do you. What does your consciousness tell you?



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15 responses to “For The Record

  1. astra14

    I think we need to take a step backwards in order to move forwards. We need to take back our Constitution and remind our leaders they work for us – not the other way around. It’s a good thing states are starting to come to the realization they have rights that supercede the Congress and President and they are starting to enforce those rights.

    We need to strengthen our education system. Too many young people have no clue of history, civics. It’s too easy for them. When I went to school you weren’t allowed to bring calculators into the classroom, now the kids are allowed calculators. They aren’t taught to think for themselves any more – it’s follow the leader…or the American Idol. They don’t understand repercussions of bad choices and think they just need to hit a reset button. Our government and parents need to understand schools are there to teach, not make kids feel good and stroke their self-esteem which ultimately doesn’t help them in the real world and only gives them a sense of entitlement. I’ve seen to many young people recently “entitle” themselves right out of jobs and onto the unemployment line. The most recent one was a young woman at work who wasn’t capable of doing the job she was hired for keep telling our boss “I have a Masters Degree!”. Well after the third time she was taken into the boss’ office, Masters Degree or not, she was let go because she wasn’t capable of doing the job. All the way to the end she felt she was entitled to the job just on the fact she had a Masters Degree. And she’s not the only one out there which is the really sad part!

    As for the economy, at this point give the billions to the people and not the big businesses who keep coming back for more and more and more. Us little guys can jumpstart the economy better from down here with that kind of money because we’ll start our own businesses, pay off our mortgages, donate to charity, and support those existing business we feel deserve our support. They’re just throwing away our tax money and putting us further into debt! And all us little guys are going to suffer for it.

  2. Considering the mentality of those who fell for the hopey-changey propaganda spun by the obama machine, I don’t think this message will mean a thing to them. They go to sites only to harass & attempt to intimidate anyone who does not adore their “dear leader.” It seems that they spend a lot of time at conservative sites. They don’t go to these sites to converse intelligently, but to make democratic party mascots of themselves, and to treat people with the same disrespect their president has shown so many around the globe lately.

    God bless City Tavern, & God bless America!

  3. astra14, I agree that our systems do us an amazing disservice by enabling the dumbing down of our society. I do believe that a healthy sense of self esteem is vital for our youth. Without a sense of self-worth one is less likely to want to stand up and take entrepreneurial risks later. But this sense of self worth should come from a sense of accomplishment from having worked hard in school, from study, from effort; not from having had everything handed to them as if they deserve it. This attitude is fostered at home as well as school. Parents who do the latter are not helping their kids.

    A constant complaint I have heard from faculty at the Ivy League wannabe school in our town is that students are coming into their offices saying things like, “I came to class, I should get a good grade,” or my personal favorite, “My parents paid my tuition. I should be getting at least a B.”

    The other problem is disinformation, or lack of perspective. When I was a boy we spent two or three months talking about the “Explorers.” We glorified men like Cortez, Ponce de Leon, Fernando De Soto, and the rest. The words genocide, slave trade, etc were not used.

    My elementary school teachers told us lies about drugs in order to scare us, instead of giving us the facts. When I found out they were lying about things like the lethality of LSD I stopped believing everything they said (which is how I found out the truth about men like De Soto, etc).

    Our public schools should not be propaganda factories that either give blind support to our country, or condemn it, and they should deal in truth and cognitive reasoning, not scare tactics and lies to create an alternate reality.

    I don’t know if they still recite the pledge of allegiance in school anymore. It always struck me how we said our allegiance was to the flag, our republic; to our laws and liberties, not the President. Over the years that has changed. “We must support the President,” and other such mantras were repeated after 9/11. and now by Hollywood celebrities, and rank and file American sheople. We owe the President nothing.

    This is supposed to be a republic of laws, not rulers.

    American Genie; the bots will follow their master right over the cliff. We have done what we can to make them aware. Some are starting to get it, others not. That’s out of our hands now. The only thing we can do now is figure out how to handle our current situation. My loyalty is to the republic and its people, not the demagogues who seek to control it for their own devices, greed, and power.

    My next post will be about what I think is the first critical step to ending this nonsense; breaking the hold our parties have over our politics. We are letting these squabbling children flush our country down the crapper, and it’s about time it stopped.

  4. Cinie

    Oh, Shtuey, Shtuey, Shtu! I am so over both these political parties I don’t know what to do! What frosts my cookies the most is that they come up with these arbitrary “platforms” and “agendas” then find some palatable, middle of the road quasi- non-solution that they try to tell us we voted for as they shove it down our throats. Health care INSURANCE reform does absolutely no good to the uninsured. How can the growing numbers of un- or under-employed afford ANY insurance premiums? Asking insurance companies to fix the problems they make their living creating and exploiting is beyond stupid to me. There’s gotta be another way.
    Education is the same. Figuring out a way to fund all schools equally and cutting class size in half does more in my mind than all the vouchers, charters, teaching to tests, and merit pay in the world.
    But these kinds of solutions involve upsetting the corporate apple cart, so all we get is lip service designed to insure the re-election of incompetents. Women’s panels lead by the boss’ best friend that don’t meet regularly and have no authority over anything is just an insulting slap in the face waste of time.
    Throw all the bums out and start over with something better. Anything would be an improvement.

  5. Hear hear Cinie! I am right there with you! The sham has gone on long enough.

    The Republicans who voted against the Pampers Pork Project didn’t do so out of some righteous desire to protect the American people. They did that in the hopes that they can capitalize on its failure and retake the Congress so they can be the ones who control the agenda, the erosion of our civil liberties, and the flow of the money.

    This would all be a hilarious joke if it wasn’t so unfunny.

  6. renaissancelady48

    A not so funny lesson about herds falling over cliffs….however my friend learned a valuable lesson from it…they had a ranch in Colorado, bought their cows in Nebraska. Well it seems those darn cows had never seen a cliff before…..during a very snowy winter my friend lost almost her whole herd….why because they followed the leader over the cliff. (This is a true story!)

    I believe the tea parties and other protests are a good start but they have no ending except to stop the brutal taxing of the taxpayer. (An aside when I was in our capitol last week I did get answers to questions that bothered me about coal fired plants, the true price of cap and trade, and that we had elected leaders that cared about us and the bottom line for Kansas…) The thing is we need people to realize that the only way to change this tax and spend addiction is to kick all 545 people out of DC…

    It won’t be an easy task, it won’t happen overnight and it might take a little pain and blood spill on the taxpayers part but it must be done.

    Fortunately we are beginning to see a taxpayer backlash….Dodd has incredibly sinking numbers in Connecticut. Corzine is in real trouble in New Jersey and stands a real chance at not being re-elected. And Joe Biden’s son in Delaware will most likely not fill his dad’s shoes. The taxpayer is trying to end political dynasties….Three states are a start….

    We must educate people about labels and parties…we must stop labeling our selves. We must not vote for a particular party but for the person, in my opinion elect people who aren’t career politicians and hope for the best because they are just humans after all, given to frailty and sin.

    I know I am open to an honest dialogue. I do look forward to your ideas my friend. I know with you we will be able to voice our opinions in a warm and comfortable way….sort of like wrapping yourself up in a blanket and enjoying a warm cup of tea….Well I wax on….so I will close my comment before it gets too sappy with one thought from my heart, I love you all for your fresh and unadulterated perspectives on life! I am forever in your debt that I will in one or another pay forward!

  7. I think we (the group who would come here seriously) know what is wrong in most cases. We need to know what to do about it. There is no easy solution, because this has been long coming, and will not be solved overnight. But there are many out there like us, they just need a starting point.

    Last night, Saturday March 14 th, 2009 at 8PM ET, Glenn Beck had a program. I’m sure most of you saw it. Whether he has the right idea or not I don’t know. I only mention it to call to attention the size of the attendees at each of these “tea parties”. Glenn’s call to “Take back our country” is the right one, and he has proven that there is an incredible amount of disillusioned Americans out ther ready to take up the call. Whether Glenn is the right person to lead this call, I don’t know. Only time will tell. This I do know, I followed him when he was on the other network and he was one of the very few who told it like it really is. That is why he is no longer there.

    I was glad to see Fox give him his own show, although it is at 5 PM ET which makes it very difficult for me to see the whole show. I will be chicking to see if there is a possible replay at another time slot.

    He is calling this movement the 912 Program.Com.
    It might be worth a look-see. I’m going to do that right now, and hope it gives me some pointers.

    I think we all agree that it is time to take back our country. It’s OUR country. Congress works for us. If they won’t listen to us we need to vote them ALL out and start over. This will take a lot of grass-roots organizing, and a lot of hard work, and will have to be carried out in every state. Is our country worth this effort. YOU BET IS IS !!!

  8. Renaissancelady48 – If I had waited another two or three minutes your comment would have been up, and I wouldn’t have needed to comment. You said pretty much what I was thinking and at just about the same time. At least its a place to start. THROW THE BUMS OUT.

  9. Sorry – that’s the 912 Project not program.

  10. Mirlo

    I think we should keep up the independant thinking and debating, the probing of new ideas. As in any brainstorming, this should be a safe room to “think aloud” , develop new ideas, examine paradigms and then move forward to pinpoint issues we realistically can have an influence upon and work out strategies of how we could effectively change what needs to be changed.

    My conciousness tells me to get my informations from independant sources, to carefully examine special interests, to always beware of what you so adequately call “herd mentality” and keep believing in the many many people out there who do not look for easy solutions to very complex problems; and always, always keep faith in us, the people, the sovereign.

    So, if the participation of a European friend, with very strong ties to the US, is welcome and my sometimes less than perfect expression in English is not too irritating to this community, I would like to participate in this think tank and work for a better world.

  11. Mirlo, your insightful, heartfelt comments have always been welcome at Oh…My Valve. It is good to see you here. Human liberty concerns all of us. Thank you for joining us!

  12. Pat Johnson

    I may sound like a broken record (okay, I do) but without term limits nothing will ever change. The same old tired pols from both sides over and over again just filling up the ether with the same schtick.

    But I would be more than happy if they could return to teaching civics once again in the school system starting from Grade 1 on up. Too few have any idea of how the system works and what it can do if done correctly.

    Beyond that, a sense of hopelessness envelopes clear thinking. Suggesting for a minute that the powers that be who run this nation give a rat’s ass about true reform is naive. They don’t.

  13. Joanelle

    Hear, hear, Pat – I agree with every word!

    And yes, Cinie – throw the bums out

  14. For right now we need to keep telling the truth and calling the powers that be on their actions …
    besides getting our own cable tv show ; ok, I am a dreamer πŸ˜‰

    …personally speaking , for right now, I am just grateful to be here in the company of people who do just that, tell the truth !

  15. I agree that we must remind the politicians that they are supposed to work for us: however, since they are actually employed by the corporations who finance their campaigns, I think that’s only part of the solution.

    At the present time, it costs tens of millions of dollars to run for the Senate, and our Representatives have to spend most of their time fundraising for the next election rather than doing the work they were hired to do. And of course, we know the banks and Bush Pioneers spent 800 million to shove Obama into the Oval Office over the howls and protests of the Democratic Party’s base.

    I like a lot of the ideas I’m hearing. I always have loved the term limits idea, and I’m down with bringing civics back (even Dick Cheney could use a course, since he famously proclaimed he was not part of the Executive Branch). πŸ˜‰

    My main idea is putting women forward, but I also feel that public financing for elections would be a huge step in the right direction. Yes, I’m a dreamer too, like Swannie, but you know it’s true. And it would be so easy to do, too – we already have a space on our 1040’s to contribute to public financing. Just make it $5 per taxpayer instead of one, and make it mandatory. The improvement in the quality of our public servants would be breathtaking.

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