A Redress of Grievances. Step I: Disaffiliation

by Shtuey from Oh…My Valve!

The question of how to proceed with handling our federal government’s operating outside the Constitution is on the Tavern table. I have alluded to two steps that I consider essential to remedying this situation; weakening the influence of our political parties, and exercising our power under the First Amendment to initiate a redress of grievances.

Let’s talk party business first.

Americans must accept that both major political parties are demonstrably corrupt. The Republican Party, beginning with Ronald Reagan, launched an aggressive plan of deficit spending with the stated intention of creating a crippling debt that would eventually leave the government with only two functions: rewarding the rich and waging war. In the words of Grover Norquist, the goal is to make the government so weak that it can be “drowned in the bath tub. The ultimate goal is to shut down what is considered to be the socialist programs of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, government welfare, and other such social safety net programs. For the record, I supported the welfare reforms that were put in place during the Clinton years. Putting people to work with usable skills rather than collecting a check brought a greater sense of pride, and improved the economy. During the campaign a number of people who considered themselves welfare reform success stories came into the Clinton campaign office to volunteer, grateful for what her husband and the Congress had done. I am sorry to see that the current administration is bringing this to an end. But I believe that our children, retirees, the elderly, the disabled can have help from what it the strongest, most vital economy on the planet.

As of now it appears that Mr. Obama is committed to furthering the erosion of our social safety net, with the exception of returning us to the days of government welfare handouts, a government run healthcare system that breaches anything resembling privacy, and a centralized government run green energy scheme; all of which you pay for from beginning to end while being financially raped to bailout banks that fell victim to ACORN and Fannie/Freddie’s Ponzi scheme. Give a man a fish and he’ll learn to keep coming back for more fish. But if you want to make the largest number of Americans your dependents so they must kowtow and pay homage, this is one way to boost the numbers.

It was the Republican Party that brought us Iran/Contra and its violations of the Constitution. It was Congressional Republicans that were cheerleading the Bush II program of warrantless wiretapping, and the suspension of habeas corpus, and wasted millions of American tax dollars in a futile attempt to bring down the Clinton White House that resulted in impeachment because the President lied about getting a blowjob. However, the corruption and constitutional violations of the second Bush administration were ignored. This speaks to either an inability, or lack of desire on the part of Congressional Republicans to fulfill their oaths of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Apparently violating the fourth amendment was not a concern for Republicans, or Democrats in Congress as Bush sailed away free as a bird.

The Democratic Party is guilty of its own corruption. From violating its own charter by stripping a candidate of delegates and awarding them to someone whose name didn’t appear on a ballot, to using intimidation and coercion to get delegates to aid and abet the defrauding of voters by staging a phony roll call, to the abuse of access by an Ohio state employee to open the tax records of “Joe the Plumber.” And let us not forget the apparent collusion between Democratic Congressmen and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which is at the heart of our economy’s viral collapse. It is also clear that Congressional Democrats could care less about protecting and defending the Constitution as Speaker Nancy Pelosi failed to bring articles of impeachment to the floor for the Bush administration’s wire tapping scheme. And while she bravely stated that telecom immunity was off the table in the winter of 2008 she, like Obama, did a somersaulting handspring waffle reversal, endorsing the wiretapping scheme, and voting to grant immunity to the complicit telecom companies. Is it a coincidence that the DNC swag bag proudly displayed the logo of its primary corporate sponsor, AT&T? As I recall, going into June, convention events were being trimmed due to the DNC’s inability to raise money. Lo and behold FISA got approved with telecom immunity, and Obama got his wreath of laurel on Mount Olympus.

Reforming these bloated corporate shill behemoths is a futile gesture in my opinion. The corruption of the Democratic Party is rampant at every level from local to national. The Republican party is a rudderless ship with Newt Gingrich deifying Ronald Reagan as the pillar of conservatism when Reagan himself engaged in the above rampant deficit spending, and violations of the Constitution that he thought he couldn’t remember.

Democrats, particularly women and LGBTs (the ones who were paying attention) realized some very hard truths this year. The Democratic Party doesn’t give a damn about women’s rights, about gay rights, about democracy, about the Constitution. They are realizing that they are more patriotic than they understood. They have come to realize just how dissatisfied they are with how they are being served. They are angry, and rightfully so. Some are even starting to realize that they have been replaced by ACORN’s fraudulent voter rolls and are no longer listened to, as they are no longer needed. There is no reforming the Democrat Party from within. The partisans don’t care whom they crap on: AS LONG AS THEY WIN.

What do these disillusioned Democrats have in common with many disillusioned Republicans and conservatives? Love of country, respect for the Constitution, the desire to see government work for the interests of the people, instead of getting in their way and violating their rights. These two sides need to find one more common thread: the realization that being affiliated with corrupt political parties that are only interested in gaining and maintaining power for their own benefit does not help the country, does not provide a path of Liberty, and does not promote the protection of our rights.

Currently, statistics show that approximately 30% of registered voters are Unaffiliated. Some of them lean to the right, some to the left. Why is it that there are this many people in the American electorate who are not members of either major party? I think it’s safe to say that it is because of the reasons I have stated above; and the numbers in the Lagoon of the Unaffiliated seem to be growing with each passing election cycle. It is no wonder then that the Democrat Party, in conjunction with the campaign of that party’s presidential nominee, unleashed such a widespread campaign of voter registration fraud; they must no longer have the numbers to win elections based on their legitimate voter rolls…or was it because the rank and file’s support of the chosen candidate was thin?
What do you suppose would happen if the American electorate, over the next two to four years, shifted from 30% unaffiliated to 50%? Perhaps both parties would actually give a damn about what the people think, what they want, where they want the country to go. Suddenly the levers of Roe v Wade, Reproduction, Gayness, etc would no longer matter. Perhaps the parties would be forced to ideologically disarm. Both parties have used those issues, and others, to drive wedges and foment conflict while they rob us blind and shred the Constitution. But it is not simply enough for us to disaffiliate. We must also evaluate ourselves, see where we are politically; what we want for our country; what we want from our government. If you feel your party is broken, your government is working against your interests, and your liberties are being violated then you are not alone. The question is, are you willing to abandon your personal ideology to work with others who may not have the same politics as you, in order to get our political parties, and the federal government, to once again be beholden to We The People, and the Constitution? If you have answered yes then you should think about leaving your party, and let the conversation begin.

Leave your party. Disaffiliate. Stop enabling the behemoths. Make them come to us.



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11 responses to “A Redress of Grievances. Step I: Disaffiliation

  1. helenk

    I left the democratic party after over 45 years.
    My generation was taught to love this county and many fought for the rights of this country. I had teachers who taught us to look and question and think. We were taught that dictatorship could happen here without vigilance.
    The last three elections have shown me that unless we do something now our votes are worth nothing.
    Neither party right now is in the best interest of America. We either need new people with integrity and love of county elected within the parties or whole new parties. We can no longer afford the status quo.



  2. Hear hear helenk! And nice to have you here at the Tavern!

  3. Sounds like a plan, Shtuey. Step one to becoming a large voting bloc that elected officials MUST heed.

    The only obstacle to my doing that here in New York is a practical one: I can’t vote in primaries unless I have a party affiliation. On the other hand, New York primary votes were tossed in the garbage at the Convention, so maybe that point is moot.

    Or as Joey would say on “Friends,” that point is “moo.”

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  5. You hit the nail on the head MB. What’s the point in even voting in primaries anymore? The parties rig the process so we get stuck with Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Stupid Lying Pile every election cycle.

  6. that is exactly what i was going to say. it’s pointless to regroup into a new entity and demand attention. voting machines are rigged, illegal voter registration is rampant, and the fix is in before the ballots are cast, usually years ahead.

  7. Welcome to the unaffiliated…jump in…the water is warm. I will continue to be an independent voter – primaries or not. At some point the election laws will be changed when 50% of the population isn’t attending.

  8. SFIndie

    I became a “Decline To State” voter right after the California primaries. This, after being a loyal voting Democrat since 1972, and working for McCarthy in 1968 before I could vote. And I intend to stay “DTS”, as eventually that group of voters will wield the most power!

    For those living in California who aren’t sure of the primary voting procedures, as of now:

    California now has a “Modified Closed Primary System”. Unaffiliated (“decline to state”) voters may, if they wish, choose to vote for one party’s candidates. The American Independent Party and the California Democratic Party, and the California Republican Party have agreed to let unaffiliated voters vote for their candidates. The Democratic Party and the Republican party will not permit unaffiliated voters to vote for their county central committees. Also, the Republican Party will not let unaffiliated voters select a presidential candidate.

  9. SF: an Independent voter in CA where I also live may choose a party to vote for in the presidential election. I voted for Hillary in the primary and then for McCain as a protest vote in the presidential election. I lost both times – but I “spread the wealth around.” Seriously though, I have been a registered Independent for quite a while and I always get asked if I’d like to change affiliation just for the primary of presidential election. I automatically go back to Independent each time.

  10. chatblu

    I became a No Party Affiliation voter on May 31, after watching the disgraceful RBC meeting. After working actively for Democratic candidates since I was 11 years old and rang doorbells for JFK, I have a new sense of peace and purpose.

  11. drkate

    Excellent article. Everyone of the Congress needs to resign, and the rest arrested!

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