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Oops, she did it again. In accordance with our new Resident-in-Chief’s code words for a fairer America, our beloved Chief of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, has scorned Merriam Webster’s definition of “people using planes to take down buildings”, better known as terrorists. Well, we can’t have such inflammatory language regardless of the body bags and atrocities.
Dear Readers: Please note. Henceforth, all acts of naughtiness by foreign and domestic individuals or groups shall be now classified as “man-caused disasters.” Let us understand the genesis of this lexicon. If a female naughty girl straps a bomb to her body and detonates it in the middle of Wrigley Field, this cannot be called a “man-caused disaster,” for the obvious gender reasons. This is something I hope Ms. Napolitano can address. Hurricanes, earthquakes, and other weather related catastrophic events are “natural disasters.” Allow yourselves to understand the difference. To review, we have “man-caused” and “natural” disasters.
Moving along, I just have a small issue with our change of verbiage from Terrorists to “man-caused disasters.” After all, the latter seems almost…benign. From a personal standpoint, I was unfortunate enough to witness the horror of 9/11 from my window and then experience it in my heart. The enveloping fear that ensued was unspeakable and surrounded those directly affected for some time, perhaps still lingering. Post traumatic stress disorder gripped many. To plan, plot, coordinate, synchronize, pray to Allah for seventy virgins to await you after you complete your “disaster” in the name of hatred for what you consider to be Satanic America, resulting in the unspeakable deaths of almost three thousand innocent civilians is only described adequately by one word, terrorism.
During the campaign of our chief fraud, he was oft consulting his teleprompter where upon he read the following, “Words Matter.” Yes they do, O’fraud, yes they do. When you suffer so deeply, watching men and women hurling themselves out of fiery buildings, storming cockpits, making one last call to say goodbye to your loved ones, sorry buddy…those are NOT the results of a “man-caused disaster.” Terror, in the hearts and minds of the innocents. Softening the lingo will not deprogram those who are indoctrinated to hate Americans. We are, and have been, trying to thwart the never ending chatter that is a result of the War on Terror. Period.
Sixty one days in office, and YOU, Resident-in Chief, have ordered Gitmo closed, whilst the Attorney General, “Coward” Holder is considering releasing some detainees onto the streets of our great country. Not the prisons, the streets! These detainees were found on battlefields, they are or were enemy combatants, not check out clerks at Wal-Mart. What the hell is going on here, oh muslim raised Resident?
In an interview for Spiegel Online, a German publication, Secty. Napolitano
attempts to explain this change of lingo, sounding like the incompetent fool that she was trying to secure the borders as the former Governor of Arizona.
SPIEGEL: “Madame Secretary, in your first testimony to the US Congress as Homeland Security Secretary you never mentioned the word “terrorism.” Does Islamist terrorism suddenly no longer pose a threat to your country?”

Napolitano: “Of course it does. I presume there is always a threat from terrorism. In my speech, although I did not use the word “terrorism,” I referred to “man-caused” disasters. That is perhaps only a nuance, but it demonstrates that we want to move away from the politics of fear toward a policy of being prepared for all risks that can occur.”
Someone please explain that gibberish to me. If we are still referring to Islamic Jihad, what other risks does she have in mind?

The astute journalist of Speigel further questions her:
SPIEGEL: “You would like the German authorities to share personal data of terrorism suspects, such as fingerprinting and DNA?”

Napolitano: “That is exactly right. We will also want to share some experiences with counter-radicalization, how the radicalization of young Muslims in our countries can be prevented.”

SPIEGEL: “Europe has a problem with just such people, young Muslims who grew up in the West and are still susceptible to radical messages. The terrorists responsible for the July 2005 attacks in London are an example.”

Napolitano: “In some ways, the problem in Europe is greater than in the United States. But the questions are the same. How do you identify a youth who is susceptible to becoming radicalized? How do you work with that youth, his family and community to give them alternatives to radicalization?”

As I pop another tranquilizer, let us review. We as a nation will now develop a social program, perhaps hire psychologists who work with troubled youth, to explore the minds of the younger demographic who might have a propensity for creating a “man-caused disaster.”
Is anyone listening? Suicide bombers are no different than the kamikaze pilots of World War II. They want to die for their cause, they will not be analyzed on plush, leather couches.
We blog to vent. We blog to be read. We blog because somewhere inside of all of us lies the seemingly impossible notion that our rational words will matter.

I lived through 9/11. No one can tell me they are not terrorists.

How is this relevant to City Tavern? Without our nation’s security in check, our voices will be rendered silent.



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  1. SFIndie

    “…How do you work with that youth, his family and community to give them alternatives to radicalization?”

    That’s easy. You pass the G.I.V.E. Act allowing the government to legally create a civilian-military youth force “to meet national and community needs” as determined by the government. It worked for Hitler when he created his “Brownshirts”; gave all those young people an alternative to radicalization. Or it might be better to say that Hitler radicalized the youth for his own benefit.

    Napolitano is just doing the bidding of The Pretender, setting the stage for the creation of his own personal military force, couching it in terms of helping our communities and fighting terrorism…oops, I mean man-caused disasters. It’s working already. Just check out Facebook. There’s a whole group called “Organizing For America” that’s buying into this propaganda.

    In the 8 years of Bush, while I detested what he did to this country (allowing 9/11, Patriot Act, FISA, Wiretapping, Iraq) and am glad he’s gone, I never felt the fear that I do now. In researching the history of Hitler’s Brownshirts, I found this quote in an article in The Western Mail & South Wales News written by Gareth Jones on June 5, 1933:

    “I have for my leader;” said one leading Nazi to me, “a love which is as deep as my love for my country, and I have in him a faith than which no faith, even faith in religion, could be deeper. Hitler can never be wrong, and his orders I shall carry out to the death.”

    Sounds a bit too much like the Obots for my peace of mind.

  2. “I never felt the fear that I do now.”

    SF, I am completely in accordance with that statement. For me, it’s an uneasiness that keeps me up at night.
    Yes, the G.I.V.E. Act was alluded to so many times during his teleprompter campaign, it gives pause as to whether his devotee’s were listening or merely staring in awe.
    This admin. truly believes that they can lower the security, “reason” with those hell bent on our destruction, and manipulate the masses in doing so.
    Another fine example is that crude, youtube looking message that he sent to Iran this week, wishing them a Happy New Year in farsi, extending the hand of peace by saying that “we have a lot in common.”
    We do? We’re being gracious to a Napoleonic dictator who wants to wipe Israel out of existence…The muslim world will tell us that shows weakness, and they do not respect weakness.
    Eliminating the truth from our lexicon also shows weakness. I have never voted for Bush, did not support Shock and Awe, and I was literally sickened that our country was complicit in hanging Hussein, but I do support Fisa, and any measures that can result in thwarting even one attack. People can dislike Bush, but the facts are evident, we were kept safe since 9/11, and that was no small feat.

  3. renaissancelady48

    I don’t know where we are headed…but I am headed to the streets….I am now labeled a domestic terrorist under the government’s list because I blog and I organize Tea Parties. I will never stop talking and screaming as loudly as I can about terrorism. I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert on terrorism. I narrowly missed being blown up in a bombing in a USO office in Naples, Italy when I was in the USN. Napolitano is a liar and pushing a false sense of security on the America people.

  4. If the country has a sense of security, then the country is filled with ignorant people. Oh, silly me, we knew that already…they voted.

  5. Hi Petunia,

    I have felt we are headed towards an authoritarian dictatorship for some time. The main reason I didn’t vote for Obama is that I felt he was a Stalin wannabe.

    Another sign is that ACORN will now be in charge of census-taking. It puts me in mind of the giant databases the Nazis had containing information on all German citizens. That’s how they knew where to find the Jews, homosexuals, and anyone else they felt like killing for not being “pure” enough.

    I also feel you are right about the Orwellian word games OBushMa’s people are playing. I am starting to think POTUS is actually a Muslim after all. His sympathies seem to be rather overbalanced in favor of Islamic extremists like Achmadinnerjacket and the “moderate” (LOL) Taliban.

    Some of the other points in your post, I respectfully disagree with. 9/11 happened on Bush’s watch. He does not get a pass on that from me. To say he “kept us safe” seems a bit beyond the pale considering that fact. I was in NYC on that day too, and I will never forgive Bush, Condi and Cheney for their massive failure to protect America.

    Oh, and warrantless wiretapping was going on in Feb 2001. It didn’t stop 9/11, did it? So I don’t support that either, or the Patriot Act. They’re both part and parcel of the authoritarian package that is the current and past OBushMa Administration.

    BTW – the Gitmo prisoners have been held in violation of habeas corpus. The government should produce evidence or set the prisoners free. That’s the way it’s supposed to work in a country with a functioning Constitution.

  6. Well, Madamab, we definitely have different views of what to do with “enemy combatants”…(I could be imprisoned now just for saying that:)
    I understand the laws of the constitution, but to claim a moral high ground when our country has often been in violation of such (witness Hiroshima, and so many other examples) is to ignore the indisputable fact that we are under siege, we are no longer safe on our turf, and that we must play by different rules of engagement because of this enemy before us.
    I do have to thank you for that brilliant play on lil napoleon’s name. “Achmadinnerjacket” will be in my head all day.
    And yes, mb, he was reared with the ideology of the muslim faith. his gaffes were overlooked by the media (shocking) when he basically admitted as much. Israel under Netanyahu will be taking a hard line approach, and with the current climate and the apparent loss of the U.S.A. as her staunch ally, Israel must defend herself regardless of world opinion.

    As a jew who never really delved into the dogma of my religion, my gut is working overtime and I see the hatred of my people as palpable and frightening.
    We may differ on some key issues, but we are all Americans who desire a better future for this blessed country.

  7. renaissancelady48

    “Achmadinnerjacket”…excellent. There was wireless phone tapping going on under Clinton. Now don’t think I am the tin foil hat type…but my phone was tapped sometime in 1999 and 2000 because of the rallies we held in Wichita, KS 10 years ago. In the speech I referenced in my first post I called then President Clinton out for turning his back on veterans and Breaking Promises. Our phone lines back then were old lines coming into the house…which made the phone tapping more obvious….not to mention the visits to our junction box by unmarked trucks….too stupid….we lived on a dirt rode in rural Kansas….nearest house a quarter of a mile away!

    We needn’t squabble over what Bush did because it has been done under other presidents for many years….not to bring up history, but … what about all the illegal eavesdropping under J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director for years!

    One of the first times I thought Obambi was a Muslim when I learned they don’t celebrate Christmas …. no gifts for the Bambettes! Who else besides the Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t celebrate Christmas? Right off the top of my head those of the Muslim faith. I do know there are others!

  8. I call him “Igogettajob.” I too am against FISA. Tapping our phones without warrant is such a gross violation of our rights that accepting it is nothing less than signing the rest of our liberties away.

    If our intelligence agencies are doing their jobs, and the people in the White House and Department of State are listening, then we don’t need to tap phones without warrants. Besides, I think all of us here know that with FISA in place, Pampers will be tapping all our phones to identify us dissenters.

    Here’s a newsflash you fraud, you don’t need to tap my phone. I don’t support you and never will. My loyalty lies to the people, our constitution, and the republic. Not some lying sack who won’t even produce his college transcripts.

    Here’s a little bit of Jihad Jargon. They are not suicide bombers. They are homicide bombers.

    We are indeed in danger of the Resident lowering our defenses. The soldiery is sworn to protect us from enemies of the Constitution, foreign and domestic. On which side do our intelligence agencies fall I wonder, with the Resident, or the people?

  9. The gender issue with “man-caused disaster” is obvious, but the bigger problem is the value judgment implied by the word “disaster”, which seems to give short shrift to the views of those Muslims who consider such terr– I mean, such disast– I mean, such actions to be a good thing (after all, look how many of them celebrated on 9/11). I think the term should be “person-caused action viewed unfavorably in certain quarters”.

  10. Here’s an essay all should read:

    By Nonie Darwish

    International donors pledged almost $4.5 billion in aid for Gaza earlier this month. During the past few years it has been very painful for me to witness the deteriorating humanitarian situation in that narrow strip where I lived as a child in the 1950s. The media tends to attribute Gaza’s decline solely to Israeli military and economic actions against Hamas. But such a myopic analysis ignores the problem’s root cause: 60 years of Arab policy aimed at cementing the Palestinian people’s status as stateless refugees to use their suffering as a weapon against Israel.

    As a child in Gaza in the ’50s, I experienced the early results of this policy. Egypt, which controlled the territory then, conducted guerilla-style operations against Israel from Gaza. My father commanded these operations, carried out by Palestinian fedeyeen (Arabic for self-sacrifice). Back then, Gaza was already the front line of the Arab jihad against Israel. My father was assassinated by Israeli forces in 1956.

    It was in those years that the Arab League started its Palestinian refugee policy. Arab countries implemented special laws designed to make it impossible to integrate the Palestinian refugees from the 1948 Arab war against Israel. Even descendants of Palestinian refugees who are born in another Arab country and live there their entire lives can never gain that country’s passport. Even if they marry a citizen of an Arab country, they cannot become citizens of their spouse’s country. They must remain Palestinian even though they may have never set foot in the West Bank or Gaza.

    This policy of forcing a Palestinian identity on these people for eternity and condemning them to a miserable life in a refugee camp was designed to perpetuate and exacerbate the Palestinian refugee crisis. So was the Arab policy of overpopulating Gaza. The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, whose main political support comes from Arab countries, encourages high birthrates by rewarding families with many children.

    Yasser Arafat said the Palestinian woman’s womb was his best weapon. Arab countries always push for classifying as many Palestinians as possible as refugees. As a result, about one-third of the Palestinians in Gaza still live in refugee camps. For 60 years, Palestinians have been used and abused by Arab regimes and Palestinian terrorists in their fight against Israel.

    Now it is Hamas, an Islamist terror organisation supported by Iran, that is using and abusing Palestinians for this purpose. While Hamas leaders hid in the well-stocked bunkers and tunnels they prepared before they provoked Israel into attacking them, Palestinian civilians were exposed and caught in the deadly crossfire between Hamas and Israeli soldiers. As a result of 60 years of this Arab policy, Gaza has become a prison camp for 1.5 million Palestinians. Both Israel and Egypt are fearful of terrorist infiltration from Gaza – all the more so since Hamas took over – and have always maintained tight controls over their borders with Gaza.

    The Palestinians continue to endure hardships because Gaza continues to serve as the launching pad for terror attacks against Israeli citizens. Those attacks come in the form of Hamas missiles that indiscriminately target Israeli kindergartens, homes and businesses. And Hamas continued these attacks more than two years after Israel withdrew from Gaza in the hope that this step would begin the process of building a Palestinian state, eventually leading to a peaceful, two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. There was no cycle of violence then, no justification for anything other than peace and prosperity.

    But, instead, Hamas chose Islamic jihad. Gazans’ and Israelis’ hopes have been met with misery for Palestinians and missiles for Israelis. Hamas, an Iranian proxy, has become a danger not only to Israel but also to Palestinians as well as to neighbouring Arab states, which fear the spread of radical Islam could destabilise their countries. Arabs claim they love the Palestinian people, but they seem more interested in sacrificing them. If they really loved their Palestinian brethren, they would pressure Hamas to stop firing missiles at Israel.

    In the longer term, the Arab world must end the Palestinians’ refugee status and thereby their desire to harm Israel. It’s time for the 22 Arab countries to open their borders and absorb the Palestinians of Gaza who wish to start a new life. It is time for the Arab world to truly help the Palestinians, not use them.

    Nonie Darwish, who grew up in Gaza City and Cairo, is the author, most recently, of Cruel and Usual Punishment (Thomas Nelson).

    Page Printed from: http://www.realclearworld.com/articles/2009/03/palestine_is_a_victim_of_arab.html at March 20, 2009 – 08:58:05 PM PDT

  11. Obviously, the true nature of that essay is more pronounced coming from the offspring of someone killed in combat yet speaking honestly about the causative factors. Thank you for sharing that, S.
    Back to the U.S.A., I’m obviously amongst a few here who have dissenting opinions, but putting aside the “feel good, we American’s don’t engage that way mentality,” remember that we are not dealing with rational people fighting an “ordinary” war. In my view, the softening of our stance with regard to those who live to kill us, is suicidal. With each passing day of the the Resident’s regime, we are growing weaker.
    As Renaissance pointed out, we were wiretapping during the Clinton admin. Please don’t for one minute think that Dems take a higher ground than “that other party.” This is collusion, folks. When the lights are out, they’re high fiving one another.
    The difference with BO’s mess is one of intent and love of country, IMO. We are never going to be protected in the hands of a usurper whose loyalties have been hidden along with his transcripts.

  12. I’m sorry, but one thing I do not like is false equivalency. I am totally disillusioned with both parties now, but I don’t think we need to pretend things are the same when they’re not.

    The Constitution is a big thing with me. Under Bill Clinton, we had habeas corpus. We didn’t have the Patriot Act, which allowed the government to enter our houses without even telling us and read our freaking library records. We didn’t have the Attorney General (John “Crisco” Ashcroft) pushing a program called Total Information Awareness. We didn’t have the Geneva Conventions being deemed “quaint” by the Office of Legal Counsel. We didn’t have the vice president saying publicly that torture was a “no-brainer.” And Bill Clinton PREVENTED terrorist attacks from happening (the Millennium bombings), and caught the blind sheik who was responsible for the first attack on the WTC. All without the fearmongering and fascism that came with the Bush Administration. And as far as I know, without the warrantless wiretapping that was so bad, even Ashcroft wouldn’t sign off on it.

    Yes, we DO need to take the moral high ground because that’s the law of our land. Our Constitution is what makes us better than the terrorists. Our Constitution is what takes the terrorists’ legitimacy away. Yes, we’ve done some horrible things as a nation, but every president has a chance to take the reins of the country and shape it according to his (or her!) vision. Bush’s vision was dark and dreadful, and thanks to him we are in the midst of two needless, endless wars, on the brink of financial disaster and surrounded by many more terrorists than we had previous to his Presidency. (We even now have Al Qaeda in Iraq, where Saddam Hussein, with all his evilness, used to be a strong buffer against them.)

    No one in recent memory was a worse destroyer of the Constitution than George W. No one, that is….until Barack Obama, who is taking George’s ball and running it to the fascism finish line.

    The terrible thing is that now, I am more afraid than I ever was under Bush. The only thing that might save us from a totalitarian dictatorship is the utter and complete incompetence of the Obots and their Dear Leader.

  13. “Our Constitution is what makes us better than the terrorists.”

    I beg to differ. What separates us from monsters with no conscience who are (often) programmed from childhood to hate the United States to the point of mass murder, is not a document. It is a fundamental ideology that believes in the value of human life. They do not possess that, as is witnessed by Hamas utilizing children as human shields. No piece of paper can change the core being of anyone.
    “Two” needless wars? One, perhaps. I believe our intervention in Afghanistan was very necessary, as do most. Perhaps we should have sat idly by and chastised the masterminds of 9/11 through a youtube assault? Spare me.

  14. One more thing, I was a devoted supporter of Bill Clinton. It probably goes without saying that I revered and literally idolized ( the tense has changed for the moment) Hillary, as all of us do or did. However, let us not pretend that the first WTC bombing did not occur on his watch, and let us further recall that he had explicit knowledge of the whereabouts of Bin Laden and chose to push him off the radar. “Prevented terrorist attacks?” Hardly.

  15. I like where this conversation is headed. From my perspective we need to find some balance as a nation. Clearly we have interests as a nation: maintaining the safety and security of our citizens, while holding to the values we cherish.

    Benjamin Franklin said, “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”

    I believe this to be true. Look where we are now? We have a man in the White House who could, and very well may use the FISA laws against us, rather than finding those among us who may do us harm.

    At the same time we must always be vigilant, maintaining the safety of American citizens at home and abroad as best we can.

    I’m not entirely sure what the answer is. Gitmo is a perfect example. Prisoners of war have certain rights under international law. The Bush administration convoluted their status intentionally. If these prisoners were fighting against us evidence should be presented and the appropriate laws should be applied. At the same time I do not believe that these people are entitled to the same protections that United States citizens receive. Simply put, they are not citizens.

    One thing I know for certain, no Gitmo detainee who is a foreign national should be allowed to reside here if they are released.

    I am not familiar enough with the intricacies of international law to make any kind of real legal assessment of the issue. My gut tells me we cannot simply keep these people detained indefinitely without some kind of legal status being granted. At the same time we shouldn’t compromise our security by granting constitutional rights to non-citizens.

    If they are prisoners of war they can be held until the conflict is over. But what kind of war is this? We’re not at war with “Terror.” Terrorism is a methodology. Are we at war with the Taliban, Al-quaeda?

    Here’s one perspective: http://www.fraudwasteabuse.com/2007/02/to-whom-does-the-us-constitution-apply.html

    And here’s another analysis. The Supreme Court doesn’t seem to have ruled on the status of Gitmo detainees either, but seems to have ruled that evidentiary hearings should be held. It’s an all around failure by all three branches of government.

    Anyone have thoughts on how we should proceed, and is it possible to resolve these legal issues while maintaining our national security?


  16. renaissancelady48

    madamb; I disagree with your thoughts that we actually had habeas corpus under Clinton. I was very involved with a group called Operation Firebase as were many friends of mine. One such friend was considered a subversive like me. He lived in Colorado at the time, basically up the side of the mountain…one winter day day he looked out his window to his driveway when he saw several very black four wheel drive vehicles with some very tough looking FBI agents in them They came right up to his door demanding to enter his house….he no longer lives in Colorado and has moved many miles away!

    Once more it is important to remind you of history….this kind of stuff has always gone on in the government beginning with J. Edgar Hoover…a control freak if ever there was one!

    Before Bush this wireless tapping wasn’t publicized, neither was any kind of wire tapping. It was all done on the QT…now government employees with axes to grind in many cases shoot off their mouths…

    What a wild web we weave when at first we do deceive!….not us at the tavern….that should be the mantra for this administration and congress…treasury, the fed et al….

    I didn’t like Bambi from the first time I saw him at the DNC in Boston. He made the hair on the back of my neck stand up…

    I was home in 2006 when Massachusetts elected the Deval Patrick punk who I believe to be a disaster as governor….and all I could ask then Was what in the hell was wrong with the citizens of MA?

    And then I find out Bambi and him are friends….what a horrible time we live in.

    Great essay Shtuey…I am glad you shared it with us. It is always good to get the perspective of the Gaza Strip from a real survivor of those tumultuous times…

  17. renaissancelady48

    My thought on the detainees…it is not acceptable to release them into the general public here in the United States….if you think the tea parties are gaining momentum….wait until you see what happens if they are released into the USA like that bat shit crazy Holder wants….the uprisings will be monumental I believe. Having those detainees as neighbors will cause firestorms in individual towns….detainees will be viewed like sexual predators are when groups want to place them in group homes or halfway homes in regular town settings….I think of this now because I just saw something about this on Fox News!

    I say send them all home!

    By the way the only way certain countries will take detainees if we let a portion of the detainees remain in our country….loose to run among the peasants creating hate and discontent…sorry I don’t like the enemy combatants being held in Gitmo for personal reasons! I guess because I lived through the 80s while in the military with rampant terrorism…..groups like the Red Brigade, Navy Seals being killed on aircraft and the like…

    Libya…. and their terroristic threats the Achille Lauro hijacking….hubby was on the Saratoga when they captured the kidnappers…we know how well that went…and to see it all again brings back those memories of a different time when things weren’t much better…

    Diamond isn’t here to see this but she is correct in something about me….my thoughts and the way I view life are colored by my military experience and it will never go away because it is so much apart of who I am after all these years later!….maybe that isn’t so bad after all…

    I like this discussion too….it has allowed me to share more about myself for madam since she doesn’t know me that well…petunia, diamond and shtuey do though! Thanks for giving me the chance to get on my soap box!

  18. Fellow Tavernites:

    Please do not misunderstand. I am for REAL national security. I want the shipping containers that come into our country inspected. I believe that right now, only 5% are, with 95% (many which come from unfriendly Arab countries) passing through our ports completely unsupervised. I want more attention paid to loose nukes. I want us to start working with our allies to root out Al Qaeda. I want us to work towards a real solution in Israel, understanding that Hamas and Fatah will never, ever negotiate in good faith.

    I want the FAKE national security stuff to stop. Warrantless wiretapping has not yet been proven effective as an anti-terrorist tactic. It didn’t stop 9/11 – that proves it right there, to me, especially since Bush had reams and mountains of information about Al Qaeda at that point, and was even told that they were planning an attack in September by multiple sources. I’m like Missouri – show me or stop violating my civil rights.

    After years of torture in Gitmo, those prisoners, if they were not terrorists before, are surely terrorists now! I agree 100% that they should not be released into our streets; they should be sent home to their countries. Now that we have a good Secretary of State, I’m sure deals could be struck that would allow this to happen.

    I agree with Shtuey that we must have balance in this country. Our Constitution is indeed just a piece of paper, but the ideals it encapsulates are what make us great as a country. We are not supposed to be the type of people who torture and imprison people without just cause. We are not supposed to be invading countries that didn’t attack us. And we are supposed to be a nation of laws.

    Again, the idea that things were the same under Bush and Clinton will not fly with me at all. We will have to agree to disagree. Clinton took a very active role in disrupting Al Qaeda and stopped many terrorist attacks that OBL was planning. (Just Google Millennium bombings and Bill Clinton and you’ll see.) When the WTC was bombed the first time, Al Qaeda and OBL were just a small blip on the radar screen. And, Clinton had only been in office for about a month at the time. It’s quite unfair to compare the two, IMHO.

    Bush has done nothing but allow 9/11 to happen, then preside over two needless, failed wars which have increased terrorism worldwide, then constantly panic Americans into giving up their civil rights for absolutely no reason at all. Heck, former Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge appeared on The Daily Show and admitted the threat level was often raised by the political wing of the White House (KKKarl), not him.

    Thanks for giving me a soapbox too! I’m done for now.


  19. Please do not misunderstand. I am for REAL national security.

    The best way to achieve that is deterrence. The President should announce that in the event of another large-scale terrorist attack on the US, the capital city of any Islamic country we find to be even peripherally involved will be bombed into slag. Then, keeping the terrorists in line is their problem.

  20. infidel, the fraud-in-chief will never heed such sage advice, but i kinda like it. deterrence with words. then again, we’ve eliminated threatening and realistic words from our language, on orders of Hitler part deux.

    renaissance, thank you for your sage insight, as always.

  21. someone stop me from using the word sage.

    thank you.


  22. AG Eric Holder saying some of the Non Enemy Combatants might be released into America. This is a book about the Men who fought those NON Enemy Combatants.

    Horse Soldiers is the dramatic account of a small band of Special Forces soldiers who secretly entered Afghanistan following 9/11 and rode to war on horses against the Taliban. Outnumbered forty to one, they pursued the enemy across mountainous terrain and, after a series of intense battles, captured the city of Mazar-i-Sharif, which was strategically essential if they were to defeat the Taliban.


  23. Thank you, Laree. I will definitely be reading that book.
    I have to emphasize something here that I try not to use as a rationale for what I believe in or how I derive my assertions…but we have a healthy debate here, it seems and I need to address it.
    Obviously, millions of people inhabit NY and the surrounding burbs, and all were traumatized by the events of 9/11. I am not diminishing that memory. I just think that from here on, I need you all to know that my stance is not based from the position of an on-looker. I lost someone in the towers that that day and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t take time to reflect on who he was and the incredible future he had before him. Never will I believe that entering Afghanistan was wrong. Talk to or read about families of the victims, by and large there is agreement as to how we should approach terrorism. The fraud met with some of them not long ago, and gave his full reassurance as to his commitment to national security. He lied.

  24. renaissancelady48

    Since the USA now has a non-existent foreign policy, our national security is compromised….the video to Iran, dissing Sarkozy in France, dissing Brown in Great Britain, ignoring Israel, Hillary’s overture to Russia with that stupid button, Holder releasing detainees into this country, and the reluctance to put military on our border with Mexico leaves us ripe for the picking…this military mind tells me our “safe” days are numbered….they (terrorists) are waiting for Bambi to disembowel the military and replace it with his civilian defense corps after snatching up our guns….that is when it will happen. The scale is much larger than the Twin Towers…it will rock our very infrastructure…sleeper cells remain in this country buried so deep they will never be found!

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