Live Free, or Die?

by Shtuey at Oh…my valve!

Over the course of the 2008 Election cycle I have become aware that a great many Americans misunderstand, or misinterpret the Constitution of the United States, specifically the Bill of Rights. People tend to see the first ten amendments as consisting of rights granted to us by the Constitution. This is essentially what we are taught in public school from a young age. I myself labored under this misguided notion for many years until I realized that this is wholly and totally false. The Bill of Rights does not guarantee us any rights whatsoever. It defines the rights that the government cannot attempt to abrogate, and grants us any and all powers not given to the federal government, or the states.

The Declaration of Independence states that we are “endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” The Bill of Rights elucidates more of you’re unalienable rights, and makes it plain the government may not infringe upon them.

This is a vital distinction of the utmost importance. It is failure of Americans to understand this that allows the government to impinge upon that which is yours. As I have mentioned numerous times, all three branches of government are in violation of the Constitution.

Your right to peacefully assemble, to worship the religion of your choice, to free speech, to petition the government for a redress of grievances, to habeas corpus, to be free from warrantless invasions of your privacy, to not have soldiers quartered in your home, to possess and bear arms…these are your inherent rights. Governments do not have the power to grant these rights, or take them from you. You are born with them.  They are your birthright, and it is your obligation as an American citizen to stand up and oppose any body that attempts to infringe upon your rights.

You have the unalienable right as a human being, not simply as an American, to peaceably assemble.  The Constitution clearly states that this right cannot be abridged.  Exercise that right.  We have the indefeasible right to speak freely.  No longer refer to our elected officials as Senator this or Congressman that or Representative the other.  These men and women are criminals.  They are in violation of the Constitution of the United States.  We are not obligated to observe or abide by any law that this Congress issues, or this President signs.  Any one of them that fails to stand up to the Executive is a criminal; period.

Now is not the time for fear.  Now is the time for courage.  Before the delegates of the Continental Congress voted for independency they sent a peace offering to the king of England, a petition for a redress of grievances, and an attempt at reconciliation that became known as the Olive Branch Petition.  The king never set eyes on it.  He declared the colonies to be in a state of rebellion, and that the leaders of the revolt, and anyone else participating in it could either swear fealty to the Crown, or be executed as a traitor.  These same delegates signed the Declaration of Independence; it was their death warrant.  Had the revolution failed, all the names that have become icons of history: Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Hancock, on and on…would have hung by the neck until dead.  They staked their very lives upon the independency of this nation, to the good, and ill that it has committed over the last two centuries, so that there might be one place where the rule of law existed to one cause and purpose: defending human liberty.

Look within yourselves and draw on whatever strength you possess, whatever well of inspiration is within you.  Your life, your children, their future posterity, their thriving or subjugation is entirely in your hands.  Gather in your homes.  Talk to your families.  Talk to your neighbors.  Whatever they might have thought of the man in the White House before, there is more than enough evidence to show that he is a liar and that he, and the people behind him, and the Congress that marches along without question, mean to do us and this republic irreparable harm.  The time to dose your friends with the kool-aid antidote is now.

Time is short my friends.  Gather.  Speak out.  Do not stop.  Do not be silent.  Now is the time for courage.  Now is the time, regardless of where we came from, or how light or heavy our purse, to stand up and say, “No more!”

Phone calls are not enough.  Letters are not enough.  Your elected officials have offices in your state.  Go there.  Take your children.  Put faces to the one thing they need almost as much as their money and power: your vote.  You are a human being.  Go to their offices.  Show your faces.  Make them see you.  Email them photos of your families.  If you can make the journey, go to Washington to see them.  Go to their offices.  Make their staff see you.  Tell them you are not just a vote.  You have needs, desires, dreams.  They are not your masters unless you allow it to be so.  Make it clear to them that if they do not oppose the man in the White House then their services are no longer required.  Put them on notice that they do not rule by your consent.  Fire the lot of them.  They are nothing but criminals.

You are endowed with the unalienable right to live free from the rule of oligarchs and criminals.  You have the indefeasible right to alter or abolish any government that does not effect your Safety and Happiness.  Do not be afraid.  They are flesh and blood, not gods.  If they detain one of us, another takes their place.  If they silence one, another will speak.  And as the Mahatma said, if they kill us they will have our dead bodies, not our allegiance.  If we come in non-violence and they arrest us; we win.  If we come in peace and they kill us; we win.  The only way we lose is by doing nothing.

Doing nothing is no longer an option.  This is not simply a struggle to preserve our republic.  This is a fight for human rights; your human rights.  No government is endowed with the power to violate them, regardless of the words of dictators, or the policies of oligarchs.  This is not about Republicans or Democrats, conservatives or liberals.  Human rights knows no party, knows no ideology save one: Freedom.

We are human.  It is our natural state to live free.  We live free, or we die.

I for one am not willing to be enslaved, or be a puppet to an oligarchy.  What say you?



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29 responses to “Live Free, or Die?

  1. Shtuey,

    Great post! You got it!

    I think at least one of my non-representatives is softening. May I send him a copy of this post?

    God bless America!

  2. AG, you send it to whomever you like. That’s why it’s here.

  3. Hey Have a look at this video I hope it goes viral I watched it first on Hot Air.

  4. Shtuey – once again you rock! You sure you aren’t John Adams?

    I cross posted at the Monster!!!

  5. God, I hope I’m not Adams. He was…a lawyer. 🙂

  6. ILBlue

    Wonderful,, I linked to this under the Constitution section of

    So very well done !

  7. Articulate and powerful. Thank you, Shtuey

  8. Thanks ILBlue.

    budwhite, thank you and may I say it’s a pleasure to see you out and about again!

    laree, that video had me until the invocation of Reagan. Maybe I’m missing something, but I notice the tendency for leading conservatives to hold up Reagan as the zenith of the movement. I can’t help but feel that Reagan’s violation of the Constitution vis a vis Iran/Contra and his rampant deficit spending are in opposition to the movement’s stance on defense of the Constitution and fiscal responsibility.

  9. I, too thought it was great up until the part with Reagan. Just the same, it is a great video. Thanks, I’m going to share it.

  10. Iris

    I truly enjoyed your powerful, impassioned and eloquent commentary!!

    The soul of America has been drifting, is it too late to reel it back in?

    Who among us will stand up and fight back and stop the spread of this condition, and I’m not just speaking of the economy. But what of the corrupt political elite that no longer fears its citizenry and is robbing the Federal coffers in broad daylight and what of the destruction of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Can we, will we do it and not grow weary when the fight becomes more intense?

    In March of 1775, Patrick Henry urged his fellow Virginians to arm in self-defense, closing his appeal (uttered at St. John’s Church in Richmond, where the legislature was meeting) with the immortal words: “I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.”

    Are the people of the nationwide Tea Party movement the modern day Patrick Henry’s? Can the message of truth and logic overcome what has silently and insidiously corrupted America, making us soft, weak and vulnerable? Do we still possess the intestinal fortitude? Only time will tell.

    Thank you for allowing me to comment.

  11. Iris, I think we are witnessing the turning of the tide. We have been the victims of imperial presidents and an unresponsive Congress for years. The current nonsense is so egregious that after 8 years of that idiot in the White House, a continuation of the same only worse is finally waking people up.

    I think we are rapidly reaching the tipping point for the resistance to truly be under way. April 15th needs to be a tremendous day, and the beginning. We have the potential to do extraordinary things, we need only have the courage to make them happen.

  12. our marine is back…channelling Patrick Henry.

  13. This is what I’m talking about. What are Americans prepared to do about this? The time to decide is now.

  14. “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” –French economist, statesman and author Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850)

  15. laree, Bastiat reminds me of what Adams said, “A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”

    We either find a way to stop this now or lose the republic.

  16. hill2012

    Off subject here but want to say how much I love this new blog..City Tavern and have been recommending to others for days now since I first found it.

    All of you do incredible work on your own blogs but linking your articles here together is great for people like myself .

    Thank you to each of you , I will follow this daily to see what other great works you care to share. 🙂

  17. hill2012; don’t simply follow. Bring your thoughts and ideas to the Tavern table. One of the purposes of this blog is to stop complaining and start the exchange ideas and the developing of solutions to the crisis we are facing. So whatever thoughts you have, do not be afraid to share them with us.

    Thank you for your support, and for inviting others.



  19. Leaping Spark

    I agree with the Marine, first time that ever happened. The time for talking is quickly passing. Obama and his Islamic and Communist backers are not going to be stopped by tea parties and demonstrations. He and his sychophants will merely laugh at them. I have emailed my Senators and was surprised by their replies. Basically they told me that they know what is best for the American people. How is it possible that a bunch of greedy, corrupt politicians, most of whom have never worked a day in their life, could possibly know what is best for you and I.

    The longer we wait to stop these bastards, the harder the road to regaining our liberties and freedoms will be.

    Lock and load Patriots!

  20. While I agree that tea parties are not necessarily going to cure America’s ills, and writing and phoning legislators is like trying to put a nail in a wall with a fish, they do serve a purpose: they know we are watching. They know we are waiting. They know we are organizing. As long as they know this they are at bay. A bloody coup does not serve their purposes.

    We are among the protectors and defenders of the Constitution. As such, we are beholden to a different standard. We must operate within the Constitutional order. If we fail to do so then we are no better than them.

    If we make our demands for a redress of grievances, make our demands that the criminals resign and go home and they do not comply, then we will simply proceed without them. We will create our own institutions and refuse to comply with theirs. We are not beholden to a government that does not rule by our consent.

    The forces at work are trying to incite you to violence. They want you in the streets with your guns so that they have a pretext to take them away from you. You cannot give in. You must be patient. If they are stupid and arrogant enough to invade sovereign states with the intention of subverting their sovereignty and submitting us to absolute tyranny then we are put to it at last.

    What’s the expression made famous at the Battle of Breed’s Hill? “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.” In other words, no one should be making moves they don’t have to make, or before they should be made. Frankly, I am confident that the members of our military remember that their oath is to the republic, not the idiot President and his gaffing idiot Vice President.

  21. Leaping Spark

    Patience begins to wear thin, but in retrospect I suppose it’s a necessary virtue to have. According to the bill Rex 84 the Emergency Detention Act has never been repealed and gives the president the right to declare a national emergency and take control of the entire country by utilizing law enforcement, the military, and FEMA. I’m sure comrade Obama won’t hesitate if he feels his Socialistic new Islamic kingdom is being threatened.

  22. Sunshinelvr

    OMG! Shtuey”The forces at work are trying to incite you to violence. They want you in the streets with your guns so that they have a pretext to take them away from you. You cannot give in. You must be patient. If they are stupid and arrogant enough to invade sovereign states with the intention of subverting their sovereignty and submitting us to absolute tyranny then we are put to it at last.”

    You say it so well! I stumbled on this post chasing from Logistics Monsters! I am soooo glad I did! This is what I have been saying! Sometimes it seems as if no-one is listening though. Violent protest will just give them the opening they seek for an excuse to collect your guns and call out the “national forces’ to keep order for your own safety, (of course We had all better start listening to our guts and get ready.

  23. Leaping Spark

    Comrade Obama is taking over our country without firing a shot. Ramussen’s poll claimed today that most Americans are in favor of a Socialist government. This kind of propaganda is being fed to the American people everyday by the MSN and I’m sure they are being directed by Comrade Axlerod, the brains behind Comrade Obama’s presidency. All of our protests have and will fall on deaf ears. I fear that we have only two choices, submit to Obama’s Socialistic Slavery and accept his chains, or take our country back.

    I believe as Patrick Henry did 235 years ago, It is in vain, to extenuate the matter, gentlemen may cry peace, peace, but there will be no peace for patriots who love our country, and it’s Constitution. Comrade Obama’s has begun his war against America, it’s patriots, it’s Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Why are we standing idle. Is our life so dear, or peace so sweet that we are willing to purchase them at the cost of our freedoms and liberty. Is the acceptance of Socialistic slavery, and possibly the chains of Communism the price we will pay for our patience, and cries for a peaceful solution.

    235 years of the greatest nation in the world is being put asunder by a Communist Muslim from Kenya. Enough said!

  24. okasha skatsi

    Oh, for Christ’s sake.

    Obama isn’t a Communist, a Socialist (I know what a socialist looks like; I am one) or even a garden-variety liberal. He’s a neo-con, cut from exactly the same cloth as George W. Bush. He voted for Bush’s policies, continues Bush’s policies even after Bush is gone, and is an enthusiastically adopted member of the monied, privileged class Bush was born into. What we have in Bush and Obama is the return of the Robber Barons, the so-called gilded age of unrestrained laissez-faire capitalism. A bracing dose of “socialism”–universal health care, quality education for all, equal access to the political process, full human rights for women and LGBT–would do wonders for the body politic.

    Keep in mind a warning from the 60’s–“pig provocateur.”

  25. Shtuey

    True, Pampers isn’t a communist; he’s an autocrat. I support the things you mention Okasha, though my vision for single payer universal health care is one that is not administered by the gov’t. Unfortunately we do not have a government capable of executing any initiatives that don’t involve us being robbed of our money and our rights. Those that want to improve society better get used to doing it on their own, and not counting on the government for squat.

    We build our own institutions, or we keep bitching. The latter hasn’t been doing us much good, that’s why this blog is here.

    So, proposals?

  26. Leaping Spark

    American people are easily deceived by Obama, he was a member of the Socialist Democrats of America while attending Columbia and was mentored and raised by Frank Marshall Davis, a radical memeber of The CPUSA. His Modus Oporandi is right out of Sol Alinskys Rules for Radicals. He is a Communist, Muslim left wing radical from head to toe and he is your President, because he will never be mine. Socialism fails miserably where ever it is tried. Read up on Stalin and Hitler to see how well it worked for them, and the millions who died under their socialistic regimes.
    Patriots will live freee or die!

  27. Paige McCallum

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