THIS IS Your “Come To Jesus” Moment!

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The Monster is ANGRY.  The Monster is LIVID!  I have spent hundreds of hours away from my family and months of my life looking for the spider who is behind the unbelievable insanity of the 2008 election cycle and current world events.  I knew the CFR, Trilateral and Bilderbergs were just the front men for the real shadow figures who WROTE the game, are moving the chess pieces on the board, live above the game, and DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK!  Not only do they not care what you think, they started the whole political bigotry of Democrats versus Republicans.  They want you squabbling like little children on the playground while they weave the awful net that you are now caught in….and what do I see and hear everywhere I go?

Conservatives versus Liberals.

The Left versus the Right.

The Democrats versus the Republicans.

Jesus F**kin’ Christ PEOPLE!

Stop allowing them to control you!




You have to get past the labels they gave you to bash each other with!

If you must apply labels then start with American Patriots versus Corrupt Politicians.


(Author’s Note: I guess I have not explained this well enough to everybody.  STOP thinking of yourselves as being better than somebody else and starting thinking that the aristocracy that is running this country from the board rooms are NO BETTER than you.  The boards of the companies owned by the aristocracy bought the politicians and created the game.  Turn your eyes toward the real problem.)



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21 responses to “THIS IS Your “Come To Jesus” Moment!

  1. Amen! These oligarchs are mere mortals, with no quality that sets them above us in any respect.

    While some are maneuvering to carve out their little bit of ego turf in the revolution, much is at stake.

    We don’t pledge allegiance to Presidents, pundits, or ideologues. We pledge allegiance to the republic. Whether you lean left, right, center, or all around the mulberry bush, if defense of our constitutional republic comes first you are a Patriot.

  2. drkate

    YES!!! This cannot be stressed enough! Stand UP for America!

  3. hill2012

    And Amen to you both…I have tried to explain this to people over and over again . Repeat, repeat, repeat.

  4. Leaping Spark

    Obama is not an American, he doesn’t care about our Declaration of Independence, our Bill of Rights or our Constitution. He cares only for the advancement of Communism and the Nation of Islam.

    Our current group of politicians is greedy, corrupt, and cowardly. They won’t stand up for the American people for fear of reprisal from Obama and his sychophants.

    Patriots of America we need to set aside our trivial political differences and take our country back. Thomas Jefferson warned us 200 years ago that a day would come when we as Patriots would have to stand up against the tyranny of our own government. That day has arrived, a Muslim from Kenya has lied his way into the Whitehouse and is now destroying the very fabric of America. We either rise up, or slink silently into subservience to the master Obama and his minions.

    I, for one must live free of a tyrannical, bloated, arrogant government that thinks that we are but slaves needed to keep their pockets and government coffers full of stolen tax money.

    Patriots, united we stand or devided we fall, the choice is ours.

  5. I also gave a shout out to Logistic Monster and City Tavern.

    Divide and Conquer it isn’t a new concept. Are we Mice or are we (Wo)Men. I am an American First, I don’t need any Political qualifiers.


    Imus guest this morning, Frank Rich of the New York Times. They discuss Frank’s take on Wall Street vs Detroit Bail Outs, the double standard. There is a romance that surrounds Americans love of their cars however Americans view of Wall Street not so sentimental.

    Plus Obama’s trip to abroad. Imus gets guest on his program from every political persuasion.

  7. Leaping Spark

    I just sat in a hospital CVICU for six hours waiting for a relative to get out of surgery, and for six hours I had to listen to our so called president on CNN kiss the Muslims a*&%$. He might as well lay down, roll over on his back, show them his belly, and pee on himself. He is the most yellow bellied, naive, American hating POS I’ve ever seen in my life. Why don’t we destroy all of our weapons and just surrender to the Nation of Islam right now. My God this POS hates America and loves Islam. The transparency he promised us is showing through right now, Obama is a Muslim and believes they should be ruling the world!

    Patriots please wake up!!

  8. Leaping? I am sharpening my claws right now….just in case.

  9. Leaping Spark

    Be careful with those claws, Hannity just said that the FEMA detention camps do exist, and if I may quote one of the former FEMA leaders. “If ones convictions or philosophies does not correspond with the governments agenda, that individual may find himself on thr governments enemy list. This makes him a target to be purged by the use of legitimate violence.

  10. Leaping, I am sure my dossier is thick and I am somewhere near the top of the list. So what! Come get me!

  11. Leaping Spark

    Where did this country go wrong, radicals, Socialist, Communist, and militants are now accepted, and the Patriots who love America and the Constitution are being scorned and ridiculed.

  12. Diamond,

    I for one want to salute you and all the others here for all you do to try to save America! See you in camp…

  13. Leaping Spark


    I can no longer access Logistics Monster, it locks up my computer, is this a computer glitch, or has someone given you a virus?

    Hope it gets cleared up, as your commentary is some of the best on the net.

  14. Logistic Monster

    Check out Baldilocks and what she is reading.

    Also I left this with Cinie on her blog.

    Know your enemies if the tea partys were being staged by ACORN you know the MSM would be all over them – covering them. Regular Americans Protesting INCREDIBLY STUPID SPENDING Led by Barack H Obama, that will result in Zimbabwe type Hyper Inflation….not so much. Listen to this woman defend not covering the tea partys.

  15. There is no virus on my site – just a few idiots clicking on the same page over and over again. keep trying.

  16. We are reaping the whirlwind of 40 years of militant communists professors (like Ward Churchill) shoving crap down their students throats. A whole generation of argula eating, birkenstock wearing old hippies running this country. The other 3/4 of the population is on welfare, living in a free apartment, getting food stamps, never voted before and never will again. But they voted for Obama!

    I was a Democrat for many years. Raised a Democrat in Texas. Then we got Clinton in and that was too much. So now I guess I’m an Independent. I really like Patriotic American. That’s a great label!

  17. Grail – we are not going to camps.

  18. My husband was ranting about this very thing yesterday and threatening not to attend our Tax Day Tea Party on Wednesday because he doesn’t want to lend credence to any politician who shows up. I pointed out that mass numbers of voters at the Tea Parties may be the only thing to capture the attention of some of the O-mesmerized moderates in Congress — and it’s something proactive we can actually do rather than just blogging all day. I think he’s re-considered because he a genuine Patriot, retired Army with 35 yearsa of service. Keep it comin’!

  19. Logistic Monster,

    Matt Taibbi’s last article in RollingStone he comes out and calls the people who attended Tea Partys “peasants” really doesn’t that one word expose Progressivism for what it really is? I didn’t know Matt Taibbi came from aristocracy? Is his middle name Vanderbilt or something? I mean Anderson Cooper can claim some rich ancestry…but Matt Taibbi thinks he is some kind of American nobility? That is some way out thinking, especially when they are all selling collectivism, you know nobody is better then anybody else. How does a pacifist square what Obama is doing in Afghanistan? Remember Taibbi made a big deal about John McCain being a War Monger. I wrote about it during the campaign.

  20. This in reference to Taibbi dubbing Americans attending tea parties as Peasants.

    “But check out Matt Taibbi’s feudal exposition on the movement, “The Peasant Mentality Lives on In America”

    Nice huh, Matt Taibbi likes his wealth distribution with an extra dollop of elitism 🙂

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