The Collective American Conscience Speaks

Looks like we’re not the only ones calling for Americans to congress in an effort to address the federal government’s repeated failing to uphold its place under constitutional law.

The time has come for a non-violent, mass movement to either force the government to accept the constitutional restrictions on its power, or to reestablish one that will.

Get involved in the saving the republic.  Thanks to Logistics Monster for posting the video.



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10 responses to “The Collective American Conscience Speaks

  1. Leaping Spark

    The Obama sychophants and their Messiah could care less about peaceful demonstrations. Obama, Pelosi, Barnes, Dodd, and the rest of those arrogant scumbags have us by the short hairs and they know it. They won! Hopefully, some of them might be scared about losing their coushy jobs and stand up to Obama, but I doubt it because we have no idea what kind of threats or bribes Obama is making behind closed doors. He is after all the Messiah chosen by Allah and funded by the Arab Oil Emirates.

  2. This Video should go viral, really this is person towing the party line and is completely clueless to the sentiment in this country. I know people think this is a Republican or a Conservative movement, there are plenty of Americans that don’t fit into those categories that are joining tea parties.

  3. hill2012

    I am unable to view the video. Please explain. Thank you.

  4. The video is from We The People, calling for a new Continental Congress to organize and discuss the way forward.

  5. warning on that Cavuto video: watching Leslie Marshall can give you a sharp pain in your colon.

  6. shtuey

    I tried to be as tactful as I could to describe Leslie Marshall on my blog….I found out there isn’t a tactful way to describe Leslie Marshall’s performance It was a big fat “F” If she was sincere about being against all the bail outs she would pick up a sign and join the tea parties herself but she isn’t that was just an avoidance trick.

  7. Paul Begala and Neil Cavuto.

    Paul Begala spinning tax day tea partys like a whirling dervish. Neil Cavuto gets some good shots at Imus. Really if the Tea Partys are so insignificant why are the Obama’s spokes people spending so much time trying to degrade American Protesters? I remember hearing and reading that, Dissent is Patriotic.

  8. Leaping Spark

    The Obama MSN is mostly ignoring the 500 or so tea partys in process or planned for today. The little bit of coverage I have seen and heard is calling them trivial, and a waste of time. The Socialist government of America is laughing at the Tea partys and saying that the people attending have been misinformed by right wing talk show hosts, and other nut jobs. Obama has already been on TV today lying about his new tax cuts as per usual. I think he counts on most of America believing his bull shit, as he regards the average American as someone who is stupid and gullible.
    I hope all the Tea Partys are well attended and all of the voices are raised to such a crescendo it rattles the halls of the Whitehouse.

  9. I got my slide show up and photos for the Denton Texas Tea Party we had a surprise, Jesus showed up. He was wearing authentic biblical garb. GRIN that has to be a sign. I didn’t get a photo of him my husband said, he wasn’t holding a sign…..

    There have been 600 tea partys across the country, I read that there was over 12,000 in NYC Monica Crowley’s blog and over 12,000 in Atlanta. People turned out all over the country. Denton isn’t a large city they had a good turn out. We could have gone to Ft Worth but we were worried about parking. I am an Independent but that makes no difference to the MSM. I am a Right Wing Radical Extremist Militant now 🙂 Come have a look at those scary folks LOL!

  10. Wow loved reading this article. I submitted your rss to my google reader!

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