Are You Ready To Be Inventoried?

Tavern regular Laree from You Have To Be This Tall To Go On This Ride clearly isn’t, and neither am I.

Take a stroll over there and read, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

What are your thoughts?  Personally, it’s time Naughty Nazi Nancy’s constituents sent her into retirement.  Perhaps she could be a useful idiot for Chris Matthews.



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7 responses to “Are You Ready To Be Inventoried?

  1. renaissancelady48

    To make it worse now we have THE American Community Survey…which even asks if you have indoor plumbing. Is this the wave of the future the Nazis and Fascists in Congress have to know if we pick our noses!

    Pelosi, Reid and the minority Repelican leaders too. While we are at throw Obozo into Leavenworth for crimes committed against our free market system and Israel. WTFO?

    I just want to throw up some days.

    Where do they all get off anyways?

    Obozo is now telling the Palestinians they will have a country with Jerusalem as its capitol. Is he ignoring the fact that Israel is sovereign nation?

    Is there anyone out there who can stop this train wreck?

  2. Off Topic but worth reading, and besides we know how San Fran Nan dressed when she went to Syria, to you know blend in…not that anyone wanted her to go to Syria.

    This is how I always watch TV with my face covered, you know we keep extra ski mask around just for those occasions 🙂


  3. American Civics in America, All 57 states GRIN.

    Can you pass the test? Turns out non elected people are getting better scores than elected officials. The majority of elected officials, can’t tell you which document “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” comes from…sigh.

    Take the test, I got a 79.6 a “C” turns out I am still ahead of the curve of the majority that Failed, and got an “F”

  4. I missed 5 questions out of 33, I had trouble on the tax and spending questions.

  5. I am playing around with ACORN’s new name Change to COI you know our President is the most famous community organizer in history, I believe? COI – ACORN’S new acronym, no problem.

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