In May of 1774, prominent Pennsylvania leaders gathered in the Long Room of City Tavern in Philadelphia to craft the colony’s response to Intolerable Acts imposed by Great Britain.  Months later, the First Continental Congress convened to discuss a coordinated colonial response to these acts.  In City Tavern, the favored haunt of Continental Congress delegates, ideas were exchanged that grew into independency and revolution.

Today we find ourselves facing a new set of intolerable acts being perpetrated by our own government that are nothing less than an attempt to curtail our liberties, and impinge on our unalienable human rights.  This is the universal struggle for every man, woman, and child; to be able to live free from servitude, oppression, and threat, and be seen as equal under the law.  It should then be the end of a fair and just government to ensure the safety and happiness of its citizens.  It should be the end of concerned citizens to seek to correct, alter, or abolish any government that fails to do so.

Here at City Tavern we will be wrestling with the issues pertinent to the human rights struggle, around the world, and at home.  Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, color, economic standing, religion, nationality, or age, we are all born with the same rights, and the same need to have those rights protected.

It is one struggle with many fronts.  We will be shining a light on the places where freedom is assailed and, in the spirit of the men and women who founded and fought for this nation, we will attempt to find solutions to end that which is intolerable, and an impediment to liberty.

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