Shtuey, arguably America’s most disgruntled blogger, writes at his own blog, Oh…My Valve!, and has been a contributor at FDR, TexasDarlin’, 51 Percent, The Widdershins and Bitterpoliticz.

Shtuey’s political philosophy is rooted in America’s founding principles; that government is meant to:

  1. serve the people to ensure their safety and happiness,
  2. rule by the consent of the governed, and
  3. has no right whatsoever to abridge humanity’s unalienable rights.

Any government operating in violation of these principles must be reformed or abolished if humanity is to fully exercise its rights and freedoms.

Neither Republican or Democrat, Shtuey is an American whose loyalties lie with the Constitution and the American people, not corrupt politicians who use their power for their own aggrandizement, and to erode our liberties.  He advocates that Americans withdraw from their political parties and begin a discourse on our common ground outside of these corrupt entities.

It is also his considered opinion that, in the face of corrupted elections, it might be better to have candidates for office wrestle in jello; best of three falls.

An extroverted misanthrope, Shtuey prefers the company of animals to that of most people.

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Ms Placed Democrat writes for her own blog and has enjoyed her autonomy these last few months. Though I must give up some of that autonomy I am joining a group of incredible bloggers. In the last almost 50 years of my life, I have discovered I truly am a conservative having thrown off the chains of liberalism.

I believe strongly in the Constitution, Protection of human rights and the free will of the people. Within the last two years I finally found my voice, a bit scary at times and even a little hoarse at times. But it is my voice. And that voice allows me to no longer cling to the outmoded and naive belief that Congress and the office of the president represents “we the people.”

There is more to meet the eye with Ms Placed Democrat. She served her country honorably and loyally before her career in the USN was cut short. My time in the military gives me a very jaundiced outlook at life, not to mention cynical. It influences my view of life even today. I guess it can be said you can take the woman out of the military but you can’t take the military out of the woman.

I still serve the military community through my volunteerism. I serve the veterans community much the same way through grassroots veteran advocacy. My advocacy for these groups is a very important part of who I am today, so I embrace it  with absolute ardor.

MadamaB, a lifelong Democrat, saw the sexism of her Party for the first time in 2008, when they denied the winner of the primaries the opportunity to run for President because, well, scary ladyparts! The fact that the Democrats clearly gamed the system to favor Barack Obama, even going so far as to award him votes and delegates from a state where he was not on the ballot, also contributed to her disillusionment. She became a PUMA on May 31st, and blogs at her own site, as well as being a contributor at The Confluence, Partizane, The New Agenda and FDR. In addition, she and two of her New York confederates are starting a new activism-oriented blog shortly, which she will link to as soon as it is available.

MadamaB believes that the only thing that will truly change the world is the full enfranchisement and representation of women in government, and she is focusing her activism on this issue going forward. She wrote the post The 30% Solution in support of this idea. In her opinion, the ratification of the ERA is the way forward for American women, and she is determined to do her part to raise awareness of the fact that until females enjoy Constitutional protection like men, the patriarchy will still be able to pay women 78% of what a man gets paid, even in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

You can hear MadamaB opinionating on BlogTalk Radio every other Wednesday, on The View From Under The Bus, and on Sheri Tag’s show, No We Won’t, on Sunday evenings with fellow Viewian AngieNC.

Heidi Li is a professor, a  legal scholar and philosopher, who fell into blogging during the 2008 Democratic primary campaign. She thought she would just be writing about her experiences working on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign for a few friends, but both the blog and experiences grew into larger endeavors in public scholarship.  She writes for her individual blog, Heidi Li’s Potpourri. As co-founder of The Denver Group, Heidi Li spent a significant part of the summer of 2008 attempting to get the Democratic Party to conform to its own rules and to permit a free and fair vote on at the convention in Denver. Although Hillary Rodham Clinton’s name was put into nomination, the convention result was still dictated by a top-down approach. This deviation from public, democratic process along with the sexism and the misogyny on display throughout the 2008 Presidential election cycle let Heidi Li to found a non-profit educational organization, 51 Percent aimed at the examination of the pervasive social ills represented by misogyny and sexism against women. But Heidi Li’s interests extend beyond this area of of the struggle for a more liberal world, one in which the dignity of all individuals is valued and protected from unwarranted threats from large institutions, ranging from political parties that seem uninterested in heeding the votes cast, to government that refuses to be responsive to the needs of the populace, to large financial actors that are not answerable to the individuals whose lives they can affect so dramatically.

On a more humble scale, Heidi Li is devoted to her two calico cats who preside over her home and her family in Washington, DC.

Cinie is an “urban” inner-city bred, woman of enforced leisure who hates writing about herself.  I much prefer lambasting the ineptitude and chicanery of the incompetents I grew to loathe during the Democratic primaries.  On May 31, 2008, I grew completely disillusioned with the party I was born belonging to, and divorced myself from it the very next day.  I am now officially without party affiliation, leaving me free to poke fun on my blog, (Cinie’s World, started in August, 2008 after wearing out my welcome ranting all over the PUMAsphere) at politicians from both sides of the aisle, though to be perfectly honest, the bulk of my wrath, ire, disgust and ridicule is reserved for the party that betrayed me.  I simply don’t care enough about the other guys to get riled up over their predictable behavior.

Personally, I am a currently single lesbian; physically, I am a youthful, vibrant, nubile, Nubian Amazon, trapped in a 55 year old body hellbent on losing it’s battle with gravity against my most fervent wishes.  Professionally, I am semi-“retired,” for personal family reasons, from a fairly successful, rather public career, and, that’s all I can tell you right now, or I’d have to kill a Smurf.


Diamond Tiger a.k.a. Logistics Monster is a working mom and indie voter who became involved in the “Just Say No Deal Coalition” after the travesty of democracy on May 31st, 2008 at the Rules and Bylaws Committee Meeting of the Democratic National Party.

Diamond is a second generation American with grandparents fleeing eastern europe from communism, and a student of American and World history.  She is an avid Constitutionalist and an un-apologetic capitalist following the twists and turns of the current economic crisis, and the possibility that the current crisis is over 100 years in the making.

The Monster found her niche in researching rabbit holes while putting together a piece on socialism for JSND with hundreds of pages of research provided by other PUMAs and is now currently down another rabbit hole tracking The Vatican and their possible role in the current economic meltdown.


Petunia is convinced that the scientific community has yet to discover the genetic marker for inner rebellion. Born and raised in typical, loving dysfunction, she is foremost a suffocating mother to a ridiculously wise young man who tolerates her political and sociological self-torturous diatribes. Leaving the over abundance of a comfy, suburban life for the difficult yet free world of singledom, like HRC, she found her voice.  During the turbulent primaries of 2008,  Petunia was one of a  few Hillary Clinton supporters who banded together with indignant rage and formed, Just Say No Deal, which served as the umbrella coalition for hundred of burgeoning websites devoted to righting the wrongs of the fraudulent practices of the DNC and party leaders.  Petunia then founded the first P.U.M.A group on FaceBook which took on a life of its own. These days of ornery worry lead me to be found at The Petunia Politik Posts.
Growing up, whilst the home was dark, the young Petunia could be found viewing Tom Snyder and other late night talk shows who frequently delved into questions of the day. Too young to be classified a hippie, she yearned to be one, watching the events of Kent State unfold and her brother’s college deferment rendering Nixon a hero in her house. Don’t say it.
A liberal turned confused moderate turned disaffected, disillusioned daughter of the world. I currently seek answers to questions I have not yet formulated.
My world was marred in 2001. I silently pray daily for that to be an isolated event, though one which we must never forget.
If we are to survive as a nation of free souls, we must rebel against the treasonous acts of our elected officials. We ARE the people.