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A Veteran’s Perspective on the DHS Drivel

Last week it was revealed to all police authorities and the American public that veterans were now considered terrorists. I have had some time to mull the thought over. I have gone from tears to just plain angry. I remain angry today.

I have capabilities that the United States Navy taught me. I have never once thought about using them against my own country or other Americans. There is something about honor and loyalty so deeply entrenched in my soul if I did that my guilt would be my undoing. The country would be one less veteran.

My duty remains to this country. I have never stopped serving my country. I work as a grassroots veterans advocate. I was the original driving force for the Tea Parties in Wichita, KS. And my work is not done.

I am extremely angry that a fraudulent and weak kneed administration would possibly consider me a terrorist without empirical evidence. There is absolutely no evidence that veterans have become members of militia. None would either….

I have only known duty to my country. I served with honor and a deep loyalty that 275 million Americans wouldn’t even consider doing nor understand. The truth is veterans generally gather together at American Legions, they ride with the American Legion Riders and there are the most incredibly brave ones who are members of The Patriot Guard. They remain ever faithful to a country that has deemed them to be terrorists.

Janet Napolitano attempted to apologize to veterans but it was hollow. It lacked true feeling. Her apology was as hollow as Obama’s when he attempted to apologize for his singular attack on veterans a few weeks back. Obama wouldn’t even meet with the veterans organizations, he left it to Pelosi. The great usurper has exposed his yellow under belly, he is nothing but a coward who has denigrated veterans.

I am more pissed off than ever because no one in DC can apologize to veterans and mean it. The hollowness rings loud and clear. And by the way I don’t accept their apologies…for they are not real, they are bogus.

Simply put the usurper and his administration HATE veterans, a word that doesn’t usually find its way into my vocabulary. The usurper’s administration are running scared of veterans because they are so anti-American while we remain American to the core. They are trying to keep us from organizing as a legitimate voice against their policies.

Well the asshats need to run scared. We stand up today supporting our Constitution, speaking out against a bunch of crooks in DC who are trampling on the very rights it endows to its citizens. Rights that I protected through my service.

After this action I am more certain than ever that the usurper in the White House must be impeached. Napolitano must be fired. Clean house at the Department of Defense because there are now evil agents working within the system to destroy the military. Off with all their heads I say!



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